Kow Kow first opened its doors solely as a carry out restaurant on August 13th, 1949 at its original location on Devon Avenue, in West Rogers Park.  Four years later, owners Don Moy and his father Nathan, expanded the restaurant into the adjacent store front and became a ful service dine-in establishment.  Nathan, with his trademark cigar in hand, and son Don happily served the clientele on Devon Avenue for over 32 years.

Kow Kow,  along with the other proprietors of Devon Avenue, were part of a neighborhood that had a personality and charisma all of its own.  The residents of West Rogers Park didn't need to drive to Old Orchard to shop and eat; they walked to Devon Avenue and found all they needed.  There was a wide spectrum of stores: Carol Corr, The Hang It Shop, Bud Shaibly's, The Adam's Apple, The Clothes Barn, Schwartz's, Bon-Ton, Crawfords, and of course, Kow Kow Restaurant.

Back in the 50's and 60's, cantonese restaurants were few and far between.  Customers came in from the city and other suburbs.  "I still remember Eli Schulman coming in from his steakhouse and dining with Grandpa Nathan," recalls Don's daughter Wendy.  Sadly, Nathan passed away in 1974, having worked 363 days of the year, every year since Kow Kow opened  (closing only on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day).

On October 18th, 1989, Don and wife Helen moved Kow Kow Restaurant to its current location in Lincolnwood, bringing all of their original recipies with them.  Incredibly, Don Moy is celebrating his 6th decade of business.  Don himself continues to be at the restaurant seven days a week, serving three generations of Kow Kow customers !!!